Breaking News: The Internet Hollywood Awards date is set for November 2019

IH News – The month Internet Hollywood’s first award show will be taking place has finally been revealed and it is in November. Internet Hollywood has been running for about four years now and talks of an award show have been on the horizon for quite some time. Previous stories revealed predictions on who would be nominees if an award show was done two years back but little has been known about that since.


The award show will be an atmosphere where all talent will appear to witness the sounds of performing artists, speeches from award presenters, award winner announcements, freshly cooked food, a bar, dance floor, reporters and more. Much planning is being done and the voting system on how votes will be done to select the talent is in the works as well. The categories will also be revealed throughout this year!


All award shows done by Internet Hollywood hold categories that only published talent could win an award from. If someone has not been published on Internet Hollywood then they could not be considered for any type of nomination. Getting started here starts with the submission link that could be found on our main page or just by simply being contacted by Vega. As everything comes together you will hear more information.


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