Honcho Gumbo to select Houston Rockets in NBA 2K17 Matchup against Internet Hollywood Vega on October 14th: “They have good team chemistry”

Gamers – ¬†One upcoming gamer from Hartford, CT is gearing up to face off with Internet Hollywood Vega on NBA 2K17 on October 14th. Gumbo spoke with Internet Hollywood reporters about his upcoming match up with the Internet Hollywood founder and have already chosen a team to play against him.   “I’m going to use the Rockets,” More...

by Prince Vega | Published 2 weeks ago
By Prince Vega On Friday, September 8th, 2017

Game Tournaments (PS4): Internet Hollywood Vega to play against Honcho Gumbo in NBA 2K17 on October 14th!

Gamers – The season for gamers is beginning and Internet Hollywood will be keeping track of some of our own gamers that will be competing in a friendly competition through out the fall. Our first matchup More...