VT model Hailey Nakaya says she’s celebrating Christmas with family & friends, discusses favorite Xmas movies, being done shopping, the best gift she received and more!

~*~*Christmas /w Hailey Nakaya*~*~   Internet Hollywood: What were your favorite Christmas movies to watch as a child growing up?   Nakaya: My absolute favorite Christmas movie from my childhood (and still is to this day), is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Some of my other childhood favorites are Home Alone, A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph More...

by Prince Vega | Published 2 months ago
By Prince Vega On Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Ra’Naisha Na’jai Cranford discuss holiday planning, ‘Home Alone’ being her favorite Christmas movie, Christmas photoshoots and the best gift she received!

Christmas (t.o.t.w) – One beautiful high school senior from the state of Connecticut is gladly sharing her thoughts on Internet Hollywood topic of the month, Christmas. 18-year-old independent model Ra’Naisha More...