Poems: Hayley Grant shares a bone-chilling poem titled ‘Someone Special’

Poetry & Art – Hayley Grant sent me a pretty chilling poem on FB messenger to publish on Internet Hollywood and I’m glad I finally have time to do that. The poem is titled ‘Someone Special’ and it is Hayley’s first poem that received a publication on Internet Hollywood. Enjoy the poem!   Someone Special! You More...

by Internet Hollywood Vega | Published 3 months ago
By Internet Hollywood Vega On Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Texas Artist & Photographer Crystal Allen reveals the powerful meanings behind three of her fascinating drawings: “This drawing represents the power of love and faith in oneself.”

Poems & Art – One creative artist and talented photographer from the state of Texas named Cystal Allen has some incredible piece of art to share for our new “Poems & Poetry” column. Allen More...

By Internet Hollywood Vega On Friday, December 8th, 2017

Patil Roupelian shares her “Lonely Heart” in two beautiful poems: “When your dreams try to break free but you’ve lost the key. When you fall on your knees with tears on your cheeks.”

Poems – New England actress Patil Roupelian has something beautiful to share and she would love for you all to read it. Roupelian sent me two of her poems yesterday afternoon after replying to a status I More...

By Internet Hollywood Vega On Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Duchess Jealoquinn shares a beautiful poem titled “They Say”: They say absence makes the heart grow stronger, but I wish I never had to miss you. They say pain makes the distance longer, And so I wish I could have kissed you.”

  Poems – Duchess Jealoquinn sent me a beautiful poem to share with you all and I am super excited for you to do just that. Jealoquinn sent me the poem early Thursday afternoon, after letting me know More...