Éhro’s photo of model Keyshla Roman at the Internet Hollywood Party is now featured on the front page of Internet Hollywood

Buzz Alert – Connecticut model Keyshla Roman is a young star glowing in the Internet Hollywood universe and all of our readers will be seeing that for the next two weeks as they visit our main page. The model made her first appearance at the Internet Hollywood party in mid-September and caught the eyes of many people that were there in attendance. What would such a sight to see be without the amazing talent of Éhro?


Éhro’s photos from the Internet Hollywood party were that we decided to feature them on the front page of InternetHollywood.com. Congratulations to the beautiful 18-year-old model and Éhro for coming out that night. To see the picture on our main page click Home and scroll down.

~*Credits & Links*~

Ehro (photographer): Facebook –  Instagram – Website

Keyshla Roman: Instagram

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