Here’s What’s Publicly Known About Internet Hollywood’s Next Magazine Coming Out In February 2019!

IH News (Magazine) – The news about the Internet Hollywood Magazine has become the center of attention to a lot of talented artists that enjoys the promotion that comes with being featured on . A lot of time and effort is being done by Internet Hollywood Vega to shine the light on talented people that are looking for outlets to spread the word about their work. It has helped a lot of people gain some level of attention that satisfies them and that’s why we have been receiving so much positive feedback from people. But not everything is perfect and building things take time and everyone that has followed us on our four-year journey knows that blood, sweat, and tears went into all of the work here that’s all done by one person and that’s IH Vega. Here are some of the things we know about Internet Hollywood first magazine issue so far.


*Photographer Catherine Hodges will receive her first feature on Internet Hollywood Magazine

*Model Miss Beautiful Chaos will make her debut in Internet Hollywood Magazine for the first time

*Photographer Schon-Ray will receive his first feature in Internet Hollywood Magazine

*IH Vega gives strong tips on how to build a fan base, organize an event, stay focus, and more

*Interviews, behind the scenes look into stories creating in Internet Hollywood, and more


People selected to be in the magazine so far: Designers Samantha Gottlich, Catarina Abeu, Models NilkaDeTorres, Sara Andrews, Christina Costello, MUA Maggievanity, Ashley Arciero



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