Internet Hollywood Music Awards will take place in Connecticut in August 2019!

News / Musicians – The Internet Hollywood Awards may be set to take place in October 2019 but the IH Hip Hop Awards will be taken place just a little over a month ahead. The decision to start a Hip Hop award show came after I went over the dates of our future events. After finding an opportunity to do one I decided to challenge myself and take on the chance of doing the show. I’m really happy with my decision so far.


The IH Music Awards will be taking place in the state of Connecticut in the month of August. All awards will be given to the created categories set for published talent in Internet Hollywood’s Music column.  Each selected nominee will need votes from the public to win an award. Some awards will be given out by the Internet Hollywood committee.


More details about the award show will be revealed as all the pieces are put together throughout the year. The event will include live performances, reporters, interviews, food, dance floor, DJ, photographers, red carpet, many talented people we published about, and more. I will keep you updated!



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