Internet Hollywood Vega is adding his own audiobook to his mixtape ‘Vaughka Series’ coming out in October

Prince Vaughka – Internet Hollywood Vega a.k.a Vaughka recently released his brand new song from the new mixtape that is set to be released in late October. The new song “Born Again” marked a new beginning in his return to doing music and he plans on releasing more songs as the month of October approaches. The single is one of many to come from the new Internet Hollywood Radio mixtape special edition titled ‘The Vaugka Series’ in October.


The Vaugka Series is a project that will combine his music with his very own audiobook that he will begin working on sometime this month. The mixtape will include anywhere between 16-18 tracks and it will be released to the public online. You will get all of the details you need as the release date approaches. It is not known at this time how many tracks will be songs and how many will be the audiobook. It is also not known who he will cast to play roles in the audiobook if he chooses to take that route or do it alone.


It has been two years since Prince Vaughka put out a music song and kept it publicly available for the public to listen to. Now he will be releasing a full body of work for his followers to hear and many talented people that were published on will be able to hear their radio drops on the mixtape as well!


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