Published On: Tue, Mar 27th, 2018

Internet Hollywood Vega to perform multiple unreleased songs at the Internet Hollywood fashion show In Massachusetts in July 1st!

Internet Hollywood Party – Vega’s return to the stage will be a lot different from his previous performance at his last Internet Hollywood party. At the last party he only performed one song, but this time he plans on performing multiple unreleased songs making it an Intenet Hollywood Vega concert as well.


Vega has been working on a new mixtape since the fall of last year and has since released two songs online that are currently not available on Youtube. He plans on re-releasing the songs around the time of the next party in June. He also plans on releasing his mixtape on the same date as well.


The total amount of tracks on the mixtape is currently unknown but Vega promises a musical year that hasn’t been seen from him since 2011. He has spent the majority of his 20’s writing stories and promoting other people that he felt possess the potential to be something great and in return, he grew through many of his outlets. The music is what started the entire journey that created Internet Hollywood. He plans to return it back to those roots.


The first music single he plans on pushing is a song titled ‘Born Again’ that will include a music video sometime this year. He plans on doing it sometime after the party is done in July. He has already selected a few people that were published on our website to be in his video. The date the production will begin is not known.


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