Internet Hollywood Vega will be releasing a new song titled ‘H3LL’ on Sunday, October 28th

IH Vega – Independent Hip Hop artist Prince Vaughka (IH Vega) will be premiering his new song ‘H3LL’ on this Sunday, October 28th. Everyone that visits the website will be able to stream the song directly from the website’s main page and will be giving a direct link to request for the free download.


The new song ‘H3LL’ is described as a painting that Vaughka describes through his ink pen like a brush to construct the image of those that open their minds to the message in his voice. The song does contain strong language and could be taking out of context if not listened correctly. So please be aware of that before checking out the song.


It’s not known if the song ‘H3LL’ will be a single on Vaughka’s new ‘Internet Hollywood Radio Part 1’ mixtape that is set to be released in December but it lined up as if it is. The song comes a few months after the release of his single ‘Born Again’ that now has over 17 thousand views on Youtube. It also produced dozens of new stories on Internet Hollywood’s feedback column from many people that shared their thoughts on Vaughka’s new song.


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