Isabel Vinson and SRC Imaging release photos from their pool shoot with Sam Cahill, Mandii Jean, Jolene Royal, and Holly Salmon

Photoshoot – Vermont model Isabel Vinson has not only proven herself to be a very good model. She is also a very talented photographer that has shared her creativity with many aspiring models that are building themselves independently in the New England area. She recently released photos from her latest collaboration with SRC Imaging and models Amanda Hinman, Jolene Royal, Holly Salmon, and Sam Cahill.


I received a total of nine photos from the group shoot through messenger on Saturday afternoon and I had planned on writing a story about the photo shoot over the weekend, but I didn’t have the time to get around to publishing it until now. I also received six photos from a group shoot involving Connecticut photographer Silent J (Jason Barbieri), but I plan on saving those for another story.


I don’t have much background information on the photo shoot to go into details on what lead up to the shoot but all of the photos pretty much speak for themselves. As you can tell by looking, the pool wasn’t the only place each model could be seen giving their best poses in their bikinis made by Heathen Designs. A couple cool of shots were also taken outside of the pool on some of the greenest grass and leaves you’d probably ever find. LOL.


One of my favorites is the creative idea of Isabel and Sam tucking their heads as they bent across one another in a ducking-like position across the cement. For some reason, it gave me some sort of ballet type of feeling. But as a collective, they all did well showing off their poses. Holly Salmon is someone i have been following a while and I admire how confident she has grown in modeling and this only shows she is improving with time. Silent J did a swell job selecting the right angles when he took his shots.


You could check out more of they work by going to their pages by clicking the highlighted links below!



Model: Mandii Jean

Model: Jolene Royal
Model: Isabel Vinson
Models: Sam Cahill, Isabel Vinson

Model: Holly Salmon


Isabel Vinson: Facebook – Instagram

Sam Cahill: Instagram

Mandii Jean: Instagram – Facebook

Royal Jolene: Instagram


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