Isabel Vinson Nominated For Arlene Award For Being Internet Hollywood’s First Model

Prince Vega – Vermont model Isabel Vinson has officially been nominated for an Arlene Award after solidifying her chapter in Internet Hollywood’s history book aka Arlene Diaries. The model will be honored for being the first model to ever be recruited to Internet Hollywood by Prince Vega in April 2014. The long list of models that followed were recruited by Isabel Vinson shortly after becoming Internet Hollywood’s first celebrity.


The diary details every historic moment that has taken place during Internet Hollywood’s nearly three-year existence. All sensations that makes history in Internet Hollywood instantly gets nominated for an Arlene award. The award symbolizes Internet Hollywood celebrities greatest achievement and most memorable moments while being an Internet Hollywood sensation. The new ‘Arlene Dairies’ section will be featured on Internet Hollywood’s home page for readers to access at anytime. The award will be given at Internet Hollywood’s first party in April in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Isabel Vinson is the leader in published stories with 43 in total. She is the first leader in published stories that has leaded in double digits. That would make sense with her being the first model and all.


She has been honored for her amazing contribution to Internet Hollywood in dozens of articles, front page banners and radio shout outs, so much that it became nearly impossible to be a daily reader on the website and not know who Isabel Vinson is. It’s incredible things like that that makes us look forward to opening the first page of Arlene Diaries for this amazing model. Congratulations Isabel Vinson!


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