Joe Budden’s explanation on why he left Complex has everyone’s eyes open, says they refused to pay him money from other business deals involving ‘Everyday Struggle’

Popular Music News – Joe Budden is airing out the behind the scenes story that ended up with him walking away from Complex’s popular hip-hop show ‘Everyday Struggle’ that includes hosts DJ Akademiks and Nadeska. The artist claims the business side of things went left when Complex refused to cut him financially from other deals that were made when he and Akademiks are the reason the show is as popular as it is.



He also claims Spotify was interested in doing business with Complex until they heard the news that Joe Budden would no longer be apart of the show. In his rant, he also claimed Complex has never spent marketing dollars on the show, and that all marketing was done on their social media pages. Check out the rest of the video on his Youtube channel.

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