Published On: Fri, Oct 27th, 2017

Joey Feliciano of Éhro says Internet Hollywood Vega’s new song brings him back to the Run-DMC days: “it’s straight from the heart, because it tells a story”

Feedback – One incredibly talented photographer is expressing his thoughts on Internet Hollywood Vega’s new music single that was released earlier this week. The upcoming sensation echoed the days of Run-DMC, Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Kool Herc after listening to ‘Born Again on Youtube. In the comment, he also shared that he grew up in the birthplace of Hip Hop.


I grew up in NY in an era where rap was born, following run dmc afrka bambata, where the battles where break dancing and the lyrics were stories. This bring me back to does days, why? Because it’s straight from the heart, because it tells a story. Great job!  – Joey Feliciano (Heroido25)


Feliciano is having a wonderful year in Internet Hollywood. He has been featured on Internet Hollywood ten times since his first publication back in August.  The number of publications is expected to increase by the ending of this weekend. He also attended our last Internet Hollywood Party back in August. You could check out the amazing photos he took by typing his name in our search engine.


Check out Internet Hollywood Vega’s new single ‘Born Again’ below. Don’t forget to post a comment, subscribe and share!



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