Kyra Grasso’s amazing selfie with NROR ART’s glasses on may end up in the next Internet Hollywood Magazine in September!

IH Magazine – Independent model Kyra Grasso is no stranger to doing great things that get her published on She has done more than a lot of people could imagine making a difference in Internet Hollywood and past stories will reveal that. That history also reveals that she played the biggest part in getting the first male model published in Internet Hollywood in March 2017. Since then, she has had made two Internet Hollywood party appearances and one of them was to be in the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show. This picture is a beautiful selfie she took while posing with one of NROR ART’s cool glasses. I happen to come across this picture on her social media page not too long after the show. It was one of many photos that surfaced the Internet later on. A couple of the pictures I feel would fit perfectly in the next Internet Hollywood magazine issue. The great shots by Kyra show that the power of capturing great shots is in everyone hands and all it takes is a good angle from a nice device and you could pull off anything. I think that is the perfect message to send to people everywhere that may not feel that way when they’re starting off. Soon you will know if my interest in this photo will become much bigger than just a publication on the website, but a publication in our next magazine issue coming out sometime in September. I will keep you updated!
This story came from our Instagram page @internethollywood


Kyra Grasso; Instagram

Samantha Gottlich (NROR ART): Instagram –  Website – Facebook 

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