Published On: Sun, Feb 11th, 2018

Lauryn “Hotwheels” Vernancio is feeling Internet Hollywood Vega’s new song: “I will definitely be blasting this in my sports car!”

Feedback – Independent Rhode Island model Lauren Vernancio, aka Hot Wheels, has found a new sound to bump inside of her sports car now that Internet Hollywood Vega released his new single this week. The sports car driver took the time out of her busy day to check out the single and post a comment of her under the Youtube video.


Vernancio called the song “impressive and utterly outstanding” and credited his flow in a more detailed explanation. The comment reads:


Impressive and utterly outstanding! It’s nice to hear someone local get some credit for something wonderful that they have produced. Great pitch and flow on this, it’s a mesh of an old kickback with a modern touch. I will definitely be blasting this in my sports car! <3 😉


Vernancio is someone that I have been keeping in contact with on and off for quite some time now. I have been planning on writing up stories about her which doesn’t surprise me that I’m writing about her now. It almost feels as if its a self-fulfilling prophecy. lol. I look forward to writing more about her in the future.


You could check out the new single below. Don’t forget to post a comment, subscribe and share!


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