Mass Designer Catarina Abreu Has Been Chosen To Be Featured In Internet Hollywood Magazine in February 2019!

Internet Hollywood News (Magazine) – Internet Hollywood is now entering it’s the most important cycle of the year and the people selected for Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of 2019 is being revealed now that we’re on the door steps of Arlene Diaries. Arlene Diaries is considered the diary of Internet Hollywood that opens up around January 22nd until February 14th. Around this time of the year the first magazine of the year is release, potential nominations for both IH Awards & Hip Hop awards shows are revealed that occurs later in the year, the most memorable and historic moments, categories, the announcement of our first event, the birth date of Internet Hollywood (February 8th), and more. It is also considered the most busiest time of the year for Internet Hollywood and it will mark Internet Hollywood’s 5th year running. Massachusetts Fashion Designer Catarina Abreu is one of the first people that was selected to be featured in Internet Hollywood’s first magazine of 2019 and the reason why will be known very soon. She was one of the five designers that showed off her beautiful clothing line at the Internet Hollywood Fashion show in July. Congratulations to Catarina Abreu!



Catarina Abreu: Instagram – Facebook

Haley Moss: Instagram

Bonnie Burke: Instagram

Tihara Obrien: (N/A)

Aratio Jones: Instagram

Photographer: RJ Prevelige

Bonnie Gagnon: Instagram

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