Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2018

Massachusetts DJ Ace of Blaze talks new year plans, djing at parties, learning 3d animation, doing music videos, making his own beats and more!

Beyond The Lens – Massachusetts DJ Ace of Blaze is giving us the inside scoop on some of his plans for this year and some thoughts on things involving the field he’s building a career in. The thought of the short interview was something I wanted to make sure I finish as soon as could. One of the reasons why is because he was also the DJ at Internet Hollywood’s last party in August 2017. Why not find out what’s going on with him? Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w DJ Ace of Blaze *~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Austin!? Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe. The last time we crossed paths was back at the Internet Hollywood party back in August when you DJ’d for us for the very first time. It was definitely a pleasure having you there and enjoying the music you had to play that evening. A lot of people definitely enjoyed it. How are you enjoying 2018 so far?

Ace of Blaze: I definitely enjoyed the Internet Hollywood Party last summer. My 2018 is going good so far… I recently got my residency back at a strip club and they’re giving me more creative license on what to play and how to make the party pop. The Ace of Blaze franchise has some new music and videos coming soon possibly some news on the wu tang affiliation…..I’m working on video games and virtual reality experiences on the side.

Internet Hollywood: When did you decide to take djing to the next level by learning how to use it to do it inside of parties?


Ace of Blaze: My junior year of college at Clark University I was playing in multiple bands and started doing analog vinyl cuts over my rap songs in the bands….. the next year I started Djing college parties and the year after that I started doing strip clubs and radio hosting…. admittedly I haven’t been giving Djing the attention it deserves lately but I’m getting back into that as well as The Ace of Blaze music real hard this year. I got some new beats in the pot and a new online radio gig as well as the new.


Internet Hollywood: What was the hardest thing to learn when you were educating yourself on how to do it?



Ace of Blaze: So far the hardest thing I’ve taught myself how to do would be 3d animation and special effects and VR programming.


Internet Hollywood: I also noticed that you also do music videos and music as well. Are you going to use all your abilities to groom the perfect artist that doesn’t really need anyone else to push them?


Ace of Blaze: I wish I could promote myself but I’m actually really bad at self-promotion I can make good popular sounding music and produce my own beats, recordings, and videos but I haven’t cracked the social media algorithm on a personal level with no money behind the product


Internet Hollywood: Which ability would you say was the hardest to learn and which one was the easiest to fall in love with the most?


Ace of Blaze:  Programming / easiest thing to learn was photography and videography but I’m no master.

Internet Hollywood: Has there ever been a time where you had a horrible set while Djing or performing?


Ace of Blaze: I did a show for ******* ***** of Hat’d Entertainment and he refused to pay me and had security kick me out of the venue…. I did a show for Hella Smoke and he ran the show poorly and had cut off the last artist (not snitching personally just on business relationships) who then smashed my laptop and his crew jumped me.

Internet Hollywood: Wow, that’s crazy. last question; Are you currently working on any projects right now?


Ace of Blaze: I’m working on my album full of original music with wu tang and the VR experiences… that’s pretty much my life.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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