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Massachusetts model Janicksa Lamby talks her brand “GLO”, what models inspired her, being an autism mom, her biggest challenges, the thought of giving up, wanting to open a boutique shop and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts model Janicksa Lamby is giving us the real in a recent interview we recently wrapped up on Thursday afternoon. I was super excited to interview her after checking out her model work on her Instagram page that has a following of over 3 thousand.


I also came across a video where she passionately spoke about being an independent autism mom that’s doing everything on her own. Soon after, I got in touch with her and offered to support her modeling career by doing an interview. I’m definitely glad we was able to do that. Enjoy the interview!



~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Janicksa*~*~



Internet Hollywood: Hey Janicksa! Welcome to Internet Hollywood. It’s always a pleasure learning about new talent and yours is definitely something worth mentioning on our website. Seeing more beautiful women embrace their looks and talent enough to give modeling a try has been one helluva experience to watch being an independent journalist. What made you want to get into modeling and how hard was it to get your first few photo shoots?


Lamby: What made me get into modeling was a friend of mine, by the name of India Cobb. But I mainly was inspired by another independent mommy/model Britney Henry (Ya Highness). Britney and myself worked retail together back in 2010, 2011 and 2012. She’d always show me her beautiful modeling pictures, express how much she enjoyed it and would tell me I should try it myself. Britney also inspired me to genuinely love myself as a young single mother, but mainly a young beautiful women of COLOR. At the time India Cobb had an organization going on, by the name of Interracial Inspirations. Where at first, it was hard for her to get me to attend one of her group shoots. But eventually in 2013 I attended one, and from there I became the petite ambassador and then vice president for the organization. She truly brought me out my comfort zone, bringing me to shows out of state and doing things I’d never imagined doing. At first, it wasn’t hard to get photo shoots. But as time went on it has been.


Internet Hollywood: What is your favorite and least favorite style when it comes to photo shoots?


Lamby: My favorite style of modeling is runway fashion. I love the glitz and glam of the runway, posing, the idea of custom outfits on my body. The makeup and my natural beauty being transformed by the MUA. But honestly the energy of the crowd once they see my petite, dynamic, figure struting down the runway, seems to be everything to me. Since a little girl its always been a dream to KILL the runway and to actually have stepped foot on many runways. Has made me stronger as a women and helped me feel unstoppable. I can’t truly say I have a least favorite style of modeling, but if I have to choose, I’d choose studio shooting. I feel shooting in a studio limits your choses of poses, and usage of props. I rarely shoot inside. A lot of my work is out doors or with a scenery background. But over all I enjoy modeling.


Internet Hollywood: What has been your biggest challenge so far as an independent model and do you wish to sign to an agency in the future?


Lamby: My biggest challenge as an independent model honestly has been finding the right collaborations with other talented individuals in my area. Being able to come to understandings we all can agree too when it comes to doing business amongst each other. But mainly having positive connections with others. Another thing I must say is, not knowing all the ins and outs of the industry and having to deal with some of the situations and people I could’ve stayed away from. I feel my talent gets overlooked, and my character gets taken advantage of. So by knowing more, and having the right connections would help eliminate some. Which is why, I wouldn’t mind working with an agency. It’s actually a goal of mine. I feel working with one will help me gain, and eliminate a lot of the negativity I have dealt with. Being apart of an agency would ground me and I feel would truly help flourish me as an individual and professional model.


Internet Hollywood: Does modeling reflect who you are as a person the best or is there other things that you are into that gives you the same good feeling?


Lamby: I don’t feel modeling suits me best. I feel modeling is a stepping stone to where I truly would love to be, which is having my own talk show, and being VERY fashionable on it, expanding my brand as I go, but to also speak motivation to others that may need it. I am a women of many talents, hold one heck of a story and am still figuring out which talent to truly pursue.


Internet Hollywood: How often does the thought of giving up come to mind?


Lamby: Haaaa! EVERY day the thought of giving up crosses my mind, but deep down inside I know I can’t, nor would I ever. I started because of a purpose (My now 7 year old autistic son), and I know that I am young, dealing with a lot, and still finding out what exactly works for me. So timing is everything and I refuse to stop now. The negativity I received from family, “friends”, and more from others pursuing the same dream as me from the same area. Sometimes does push me away from actually going forward. And I hold back because I know my passion can at times over barrier my true emotions or message.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of impression do you want to leave on fans that see your modeling photos when they’re released.


Lamby: The impression I would love too leave my fans is, NO matter what or who gets in your way. Just GLO! Be yourself. But most importantly, no matter what anyone has to say about you. Be you. What is put in the way to stop you. Knock it down and just GLO! Shine. And shine bright. I want my fans to FEEL my emotions through my pictures, witness my growth as a strong women and see that no matter HOW HARD it’s gotten for me, and who didnt believe in me. I still made it, and so can they.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things you working on now?


Lamby: Some of the things I am currently working on is growing my brand GLO. Growing as an individual, both professional and personal. As well as scouting what area of work I’d like to grow in, what agencies are out there. I am also planning an event for the year coming of 2018. I don’t want to say much about it, but I do hope people are into it. Again, I am a young women of many talents and wish for people to see the positive in me at all times, over the negativity I’ve once lived in.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; When the smoke clears and you accomplish that main goal what’s the next step after?


Lamby: Once I achieve my goal as a professional model. What I hope is next for Janicksa Serrano-Lamby is to open up a GLO boutique, my talk show, and being able to give back to those families on the autism spectrum. With time and patience. I believe and know I will get there.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview Janicksa. Keep up the amazing work!


Lamby: Thank you Internet Hollywood for interviewing me.


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Janicksa: Instagram

Photographer: @whothephukcreated

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