Published On: Fri, Jul 21st, 2017

Model Duchess Jealoquin gives poetic response to Hayley Cartwright’s photo shoot with Eric Wallis: “She’s quite captivating”

Feedback – So many beautiful woman from all around the Internet is kindly giving us their thoughts on Hayley Cartwright’s new photo shoot with Eric Wallis Photography. Both the model and the photographer released dozens of photos from their shoot that took place at Stickney Brook in Vermont. So far we have gotten responses from Bernie MacArthur, Samantha McPhillips and Crystal Lynne. That number of responses is now changing thanks to Dutchess Jealoquin. Jealoquin gave a much more different response that seemed very poetic. Check out what she said!


“She’s quite captivating. Those eyes hold a certain sadness that pushes the viewer to want to look deeper. As I gaze across each photo I’m transported into her world. Seeing all that lays in front of her as she clings to what she’s leaving behind. She’s sure to go far. Great set!”


I just recently had my first conversation with Duchess Jealoquin this week. She strikes me as very fun and passionate person that’s into expanding her connections by working with hers. I appreciate her opening up and giving her thoughts on Cartwright’s new photo shoot.


This amazing photo was taken by Wild Bull Photography.



Duchess Jealoquin: Facebook 

Wild Bull Photography: Facebook

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Eric Wallis Photography: Facebook – Instagram

Hayley Cartwright:  Instagram
MUA: Natalie DeVincentis
Necklace: Tiffany & Co.

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