Published On: Thu, Oct 26th, 2017

Model Mikahla Sudarsky loves Internet Hollywood Vega’s new song ‘Born Again’: “Prince Vega really has a true gift. The rap flows extremely well…”

Feedback – Independent Texas model Mikahla Sudarsky just gave her thoughts on Internet Hollywood Vega’s new music single ‘Born Again’ that was released this week. The single was released earlier this week and has been getting a huge amount of support from dozens of familiar names that have been published in Internet Hollywood. Some of those names are Raven Macabre, Hailey Nakaya, Ravishing Virgo, Stephanie Dickson and more.


Surdasky jumped on board to support the single and credited Vega’s rhyming ability and made her own predictions about his career in the long term.


Prince Vega really has a true gift. The rap flows extremely well, he sounds like Houston old school raps which is amazing. He definitely has a big future as a singer-songwriter. I can’t wait to see where his future takes him!


Mikahla scored her first feature on Internet Hollywood back in September after doing a short interview with us. She discussed doing her first photo shoot, her biggest challenges, preparing to walk her first runway show and more. I look forward to interviewing her some more in the future. (read interview)


Internet Hollywood Vega’s mixtape ‘Internet Hollywood Radio Part 1’ will be released in December. You could check out the video below. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe!

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