Nicki Minaj claims Quavo & Atlantic Records told her to change her verse for ‘Motorsport’

Popular – I’m a bit confused as to whether Minaj is now deciding to come out about this to promote an album or to finally address some things she felt the need to speak on. In the age of video streaming and social media, you would think Minaj would know better than to fuel the hate that’s waiting on her every move to show that it is still around, and as long as she looks for it it will always be there. But that didn’t stop the platinum-selling Queensbridge native from tweeting about what happened with her ‘Motorsport’ verse.


I don’t normally get into the gossiping but I honestly feel Nicki has the right to defend herself if she’s being accused of something that isn’t true. But at the end of the day, with her level of success, she should know where the path of listening to everything someone online says takes her. Minaj has been speaking bluntly about this situation as of late and even shed a few tears from it on Beats 1 Radio. Check it out below!


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