Published On: Fri, Oct 27th, 2017

Photographer Raven Macabre gives Internet Hollywood Vega’s new song ‘Born Again’ a legendary comparison: “Definitely shades of Dre and the west coast scene”

Feedback – Independent Massachusetts photographer Raven Macabre had some very strong words to share about Internet Hollywood Vega’s new music single that was released at the beginning of the week. Macabre heard the new track two days ago and left a comment underneath the video.


Loving it. It’s got an old school sort of funk vibe, very laid back chill style rap. Definitely shades of Dre and the west coast scene.


Other comments also poured in from other talented people that were also published in Internet Hollywood before. A couple of those comments could be found in our feedback section on the site. A few names include Joey Feliciano of Ehro, Hailey Nakaya, Mikahla Sudasky and Stephanie Cole.


Macabre is currently the leading photographer among photographers in New England as far as Internet Hollywood stories are concerned. He had made front-page news in Internet Hollywood 19 times in the last two years. That number is predicted to increase long before this year is out.


Check out Internet Hollywood Vega’s new music single below. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and share!

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