Rhode Island Photographer Constantine Manos will be featured in Internet Hollywood Magazine in February 2019!

IH News (Magazine) – Independent Rhode Island photographer Constantine Manos has put in a huge amount of work in the past years and all of our mutual friends had witnessed it for almost two years. The drive he had at that point contributed to 15 published stories on Internet Hollywood and counting. The photographer learned of the news about the feature on Sunday and accepted the offer. He currently has a story on the front page of our website after doing an interview with me. We discussed his latest projects, goals, thoughts on the new era of photography, and much more. It was a fascinating interview that I recommend everyone check out. He has also made two Internet Hollywood party appearances in the past and was a hot topic Internet Hollywood Radio this past Saturday. He’s lighting Internet Hollywood up with new stories and the magazine will be the next in line to feel the flames. Congratulations!



Constantine Photos: Facebook – Instagram

Photographer for Constantine’s picture: Johannie Valdez

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