What Is Internet Hollywood About?



Internet Hollywood is the music home for hip-hop artist Internet Hollywood Vega and an online news website  he uses to write, publish, and promote stories on upcoming talent all over the Internet. What we do is find and follow the careers of upcoming talent that we feel have the potential to go far in their careers, and then write stories on all of their latest news and accomplishments to help them build their portfolios, brands, businesses, fan bases and more. The idea is to create a fun environment that motivates people of talent to continue doing their goals without giving up. Whether you want some level of notoriety, to attract an agency, a story of your own, a place to network, music deal, party, or anything else for the matter, our goals become yours. We’re not saying that we going to part the red sea or anything like that. lol. But the least we could do is try to help however we can.  We have been up and running for 4 years now and have nearly 3,000 stories published on the website. All stories were written by Internet Hollywood founder Justin Hamlet.



It may seem like it is a free for all place here at Internet Hollywood but it really isn’t. Everyone that’s been published on Internet Hollywood has struck a sense in Vega’s mind that made him feel like they have the potential to be something greater. Why does it matter what Vega thinks you ask? Ummm….it doesn’t? You are in control of your life, so your opinion about who you are matters the most. This is just his website and everyone has to respect that. Internet Hollywood is more of a life story through the eyes of Justin and everything he saw that he felt the need to write about. If he sees something in you or your work he will write about you. The more you do, the more he writes. If you continue to do better more options will become available to help support your career. If you’re not connected to any of Justin pages just go to the main page and follow the directions in the ‘contact us’ area!

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