Will Miss Beautiful Chaos Get Featured In Internet Hollywood’s next Magazine in February 2019?

IH News (Magazine) – The Internet Hollywood magazine discussion is one of many things occurring in the Internet Hollywood universe. Those connected through our social media platforms that are daily readers of the websites knows how important things like our magazine issues are and how a lot of time and promotion will go into it as it develops. We’ve heard many talented names that will be featured in our first magazine issue of 2019 in February. One of the names we predict will be featured in the next magazine is Massachusetts model Miss Beautiful Chaos. She has been connected to Internet Hollywood for over a year and has been featured on Internet Hollywood 19 times. She also made two Internet Hollywood Party appearances, hosted one of the parties, and did some news reporting at Internet Hollywood’s first party at The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22nd, 2017. She was silent in modeling for a while but has made a full return to the independent field and has collaborated with a couple photographers already. This is far more than enough to secure her a feature in the next issue. But we will see!




Miss Beautiful Chaos: Instagram

Photographer: Melv John

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