🔥🔥🔥: Banga Bandanaz goes off in his new ‘Trendsetter Freestyle’

Independent Music – Hip Hop artist Banga Bandanaz has been letting it be known that his pen game is at work and no matter where you are in the state of Connecticut and beyond he’s going to apply pressure until all sides hear his music. Banga Bandanaz just released a brand new freestyle titled ‘Trendsetter’ on his social media platforms for everyone to check out and alot of people have been tuning since it’s release yesterday.


The new freestyle comes off the momentum of many other releases from him that hit the net this year, fueling his new freestyle to cross into the thousands mark on Facebook with views already. (Click Here)


The lyrical freestyle continues to carry the street sound and clever wordplay Banga Bandanaz is known for with dozens of hard-hitting punchlines that he drops in a calculated way to secure the impact of a hard-hitting metaphor. I wrote a few of them down below for you to read.


Most of ya’ll really know what it’s about/I’ll squeeze and shoot bullets at em knock the corona out his mouth//

N****s broke no cash and sofa in the house/ I grip the toast, duffle bag the shoulder than I’m out/


Another one:


Guns like socks I got em in mad pairs/you ain’t talking money ya’ll can’t hear you got bad ears//


I learned of the new freestyle when I was tagged into a status Banga did over Facebook sharing the new release. So far he has received a lot of positive support from his followers and fellow artist that posted fire symbols underneath the comment section of the video and shared their thoughts on what they think about it. You could check out the video video!



Banga Bandanaz – Youtube – Hennessy Thoughts – Instagram

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