1 Million Views: Actor J. Kristopher Scare Prank Makes It On ‘Ultimate Scary Pranks Compilation’

j kris 1111

Internet Hollywood celebrity J. Kristopher continues to gain success for the hard work he puts into his acting career. The actor is known for making dozens of appearances on television for commercials, music videos and even movies! The biggest shock is making its way through our headlines after discovering a video posted on his fan page that shows him inside of a prank! I’m so not kidding! The epic prank compilation includes a stunt pulled by J. Kristopher and a friend that tricked another friend in believing an oncoming train was about to rip through the back of a truck he was closed inside. The hilarious prank makes it hard to keep a straight face while watching the reaction of J. Kristopher’s paranoid friend. Jay continues to make the best out of his time and we enjoy every minute we spend watching his work. He proceeds to entertain us all with his talent and amazing personality that remains irresistible. Jay is the shining star that provides the light to the vision he continues to follow inside. We are hoping that you all show your support by sharing this amazing compilation that includes our J. Kristopher at the 6:33 mark. His fan page is available for everyone to check out below the video!


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