10/1/14: What Does It Take To Be Internet Hollywood Rap King & Queen? – Lovey Lavoice Responds

~*~*Game Of Rap Series Starts 10/1/14*~*~

(Cthree, B.D.K,  Joe Banga, Prime, G.O.L.D, Banga Bandanaz, Logikil, Wayne, S.O.S, Gusto, Diwa or Snacks?) 

With the ‘Game Of Rap’ Preseason boiling under our noses our universe could smell the throne from a mile away. Our reporters caught up with the social media realm to get their thoughts on what it would take for an aritst to be the king and queen of Hip Hop!


Altadena, California

“I Think in order to be king or queen besides your Character needing to match up to your lyrics. I think standing out in style and versatility and the sound you put out. Being different not trending and doing what everyone else is doing. Good music makes money but great music never gets old ie: get rich or die trying,,chronic 2000, Stillmatic, etc..”

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