10/1/14: What Does It Take To Be Internet Hollywood Rap King & Queen? – Dynasty Responds

~*~*Game Of Rap Series Starts 10/1/14*~*~

(Cthree, B.D.K,  Joe Banga, Prime, G.O.L.D, Banga Bandanaz, Logikil, Wayne, S.O.S, Gusto, Diwa or Snacks?) 

With the ‘Game Of Rap’ Preseason boiling under our noses our universe could smell the throne from a mile away. Our reporters caught up with the social media realm to get their thoughts on what it would take for an aritst to be the king and queen of Hip Hop!

janae new 3


Houston, Texas

:”I would have to say in order to be the king/queen of hip hop the most important thing to do is be yourself and put in a lot of effort and dedication. Don’t always talk about the money you got, the bling you wear, and the cars you whip. You should talk about something that the people could relate to as well, talk about peace, revolution, your life, others life, the government, but every time you step up to the mic you should ALWAYS  give it all you got. Don’t just make music but also make a change. People say Beyonce is a queen, Jay-Z is a king, why? Because they put in a lot of effort. They talked about many things that people could relate to already so now they get to have fun and make a few club bangas and brag about themseles. You cannot just step into the rap game naming yourself the highest, That has to be earned. I believe Lauren hill, Tupac, Queen Latifah, Erykah Badu, Biggie, and etc..are all kings/queens of hip hop. They never fell off, every track they made touched a soul, and reached out to everyone, and that’s exactly the same goal that I’m aiming for now.”

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