2014 Billboard Charts: Rapper B.D.K Ranked #8 Biggest Male Headliner In Internet Hollywood

top ten 1Breezy Da Konvict is as hot as they come as far as the hottest Internet Hollywood rappers is concerned. The powerful impact the underground artist has made since his debut is pushing him beyond the ranks many would expect from a new artist in Internet Hollywood. BDK is currently one of the most played artist inside the streaming circuits of Internet Hollywood Radio. He’s best known for his powerful performance inside of the Game Of Rap series against Internet Hollywood’s power rap group S.O.S. The incredible rap team is believed to be ranked in the top three when it comes to biggest male headliners. Breezy is creating a buzz that battles the negative energy that’s building hate around his popular career. He continues to open the ears of his listeners with his unique sound that’s found inside of his emotions. Holding a load this big may be a problem to some but Breezy continues to embrace the feeling of being an artist that’s willing to do everything to become a rising star in hip hop. Nobody can deny the light that shines inside of his music regardless of how dark it may seem. BDK’s ability to tackle each subject in his verses is a gift only a very few can unwrap. If BDK continues to go down the path he is going he will become the #1 Internet Hollywood celebrity within months!

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