Music Billboard Charts: 36% Of Internet Hollywood Readers Believes S.O.S Will Rank #1

sos new 2Internet Hollywood’s underground music billboard charts is finally upon us and the battle can’t be anymore intensifying. Earlier reports revealed that Loose Logic was voted #10 on the billboard charts after winning over the majority late last month. S.O.S continues to show off their power with high quality circuit music that has dominated the Internet Hollywood charts for three quarters of the year. The group is also winning over a great deal of readers that believe the group will land #1 In Internet Hollywood this month. It’s unclear where the group falls when it comes the position that needs to be filled when the battle begins. We’ve witnessed some historic moments from the group when face-offs happened between them and other participants in the Game of Rap series. A private survey revealed that Internet Hollywood’s targeted viewers has a very interesting view when it comes to the rap group S.O.S . Reportedly 36% of readers believe the group will make it to #1 when the final results are revealed. Previous reports revealed S.O.S rank slip to #3 on Internet Hollywood’s ‘Underground Music’ charts shortly after the group disappeared for nearly two months. Now that the group is back all odds are met with historic battles that will be the talk of Internet Hollywood’s rap circuit. How well will S.O.S Perform? We will have to wait and see!

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