5 things you need to know about Photographer & Model Miss Mischief that we learned in her first Internet Hollywood interview!

Access Highlights – Photographer & Model Miss Mischief had a lot of things to share in our last interview together. Here are five things we learned from the interview with her!




1. The beginning: “My best friend, mentor and business partner, Shaun (aka Reverend Vegas) took me under his wing immediately. With well over 15 years of photographic experience, Shaun has taught me so much. I was fortunate enough to start out using his camera, so the investment was minimal. We recently acquired a newer piece.”


2. Her first photo shoot was published on Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine and then Xpressions Magazine.

3. She and her partner established Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine: “My partner and I established Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine many years ago! We are always looking for new artists to feature along with models, photographers, musicians..It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase more of the beautiful art that exists.”

4. She started getting tattooes over 20 years ago and lost count on how many she got.

5. She got the name Miss Mischief 11 years ago from a friend




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Miss Mischief: Facebook (Model)  – Tattoo’d Lifestyle Magazine

The photos in this story were taken by Miss Mischief.

Read the full interview: Click Here

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