50 Cent Attacked By Brittany Spears Fans For Claiming Super Bowl Halftime

50 and brittney

Prince Vega.TV – Brittney Spears fans are reportedly pissed off at 50 cent for claiming that the NFL Superbowl was his on Instagram. 50 cent is known to be the perfect troll when it comes to the world of social media, but I’m sure most of Brittney Spears fans are not aware of that.

His post:

“Super bowl 50 is mine ,every party is mine.”

50 instagram

Of course this created some tensions since Brittney fans has been demanding that the pop icon take over the next halftime show at the Superbowl. Anybody with a brain knows that the NFL would look down on any legendary rapper if it comes to a pop singer with a catalog as large as Brittney Spears.

Some fans comments:

brittney fans 2

As you can see, 50 cent did respond back to the comments with laughter. It is unclear at this time who will be performing at the Super Bowl next year. Should 50 Cent get the stage?





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