50 Cent Clowns Meek Mill On Stage In Sweden: “Drake Slapped The **** Outta Him” (VIDEO)

50-Cent-Meek-Mill (1)Prince Vega – 50 cent has turned his beef with Rick Ross into an all out war with the entire Maybach Music Group. The legendary queens rapper hit the stage in his sold out tour in Europe and clowned Meek Mill for thinking he can pick on Drake. This comes shortly after 50 cent threatened Rick Ross after the Maybach Music boss mentioned his son on Instagram and said he applied as an intern and his application will be processed.  50 cent is now dishing shots at other members from Maybach Music in Sweden.

“[Meek] poked at him. The n!gga started the sh!t. It’s like you were picking on somebody in the schoolyard and the motherf*cker says, [makes swinging motion] ‘get the f*ck away from me motherf*cker,'” 50 said. “He thought he was gon’ pick on Drake and got the sh!t slapped out of him.”

Check out the video by clicking the link below.

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