50 Cent Disses Nicki Minaj: “I Can’t Wait Till That Sh*t They Shoot Into There Booty Go Into There Blood Stream”

meek 50 and nicki

Prince Vega – As fans went crazy for 50 cent on the Wendy Williams show 50 cent took to his Instagram to fire off more shots at Meek Mill and now his girlfriend Nicki Minaj. The rapper clowned a non-responsive female in the audience that remained silent as Wendy Williams asked them to choose between 50 cent and Meek Mill.


Screen shot:

50 cent instagram

The drama didn’t end there. 50 cent continued to pressure the Philly rapper over Instagram with more memes and NO music. Funny or not, this does not represent what the hip hop battle culture is about. Out of all people 50 cent knows that yet the world has not received a response from him musically. The rapper just continued his insults through memes

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Do you think 50 cent should release a diss song to Meek Mill?

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