50 Cent Fires Back At Rick Ross: “When Y’all Gonna Get The Chain Back?” Rick Ross Responds

rick ross and 50 cent feudPrince Vega – Rick Ross marketing strategy to pick on 50 cent to boost record sales may play out in his favor now that he’s managed to get 50 cent’s undivided attention. The two has been squaring off since last month and words are quickly escalating into personal shots. After clowning 50 cent’s financial problems during a couple of radio interviews, 50 cent responded with a headless photo shopped picture of Rick Ross upper body with a price tag that reads $2.95. Rick Ross quickly responded mocking 50 cent saying that he was forced into bankruptcy and now have to sell MMG shirts.  The queens rapper is now responding with a series of shots to finish the Maybach boss off on Instagram, also mentioning the robbery that took place when G-Unit members jumped MMG’s Gunplay outside an award show.

50 vs ross 1



50 vs ross 2


50 vs ross 3

Rick Ross Responds

50 vs ross 4



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