50 Cent Has $64 Million In Assets, $36 Million In Liabilities & Makes Over $180,000/Monthly

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BUSTED: 50 cent has been caught lying after appraisers found his assets total to over $64 million and that he has liabilities totaling more than $36 million. According to the Daily Mail, 50 Cent’s current monthly income is $184,000-plus. The appraisers also valued his home goods to $131,000 including $49,000 in jewelry alone. The artist also have over $10 million in checking and stocks as well as his various G-Unit and other business’ which are worth over $44 million.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3470122/He-s-far-broke-Bankrupt-50-Cent-64-MILLION-assets-10-million-checking-stocks-earning-184-000-month.html#ixzz41gWsCymi
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