50 Cent Reminds Rick Ross That He Has An Ass Whooping Coming For Mentioning His Son

50 and rickyPrince Vega – 50 cent continues to open fire on Rick Ross on Instagram on post that he deletes soon after he post them up. The queens rapper reminded Rick Ross that an ass whooping was coming his way for mentioning his son, saying everyone already knows it. He included a picture of a Wing Stop, which Rick Ross reportedly owns around nine.

“A fat chicken,selling chicken ???? them people know you got a ass whooping coming lol” – 50 cent on Twitter

He later deleted the post and posted a new one of Halle Berry who 50 cent says Vivica Fox been bad mouthing in 2003. “So, so this means the bitch been hating on me since 2003 50? Yep. LMAO #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO”

Has the beef escalated too far?


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