50 Cent Threatens French Montana: “I’ll Make It So His Mouth Don’t Work.”

50 cent news 2

Prince Vega.TV – 50 cent isn’t too pleased to hear French Montana taking shots at him. During his Hang w/ session he threatens the rapper with some strong words, saying that the former videographer, and hip hop artist better keep his name out his mouth.

“I don’t care about that n*gga,” 50 said. “Frenchy better stay with my name out his mouth. I get tired of hearing him then I’ll make it so his mouth can’t work. When I’m talking to Puffy I ain’t talking to you n*gga. Your name is Puffy? When he change his name to Puffy? That n*gga got one song. He’s a DVD guy man…makes videos. Frenchy’s like, ‘I’m a Ciroc Boy.’ You need anything to try and make some sort of momentum ‘cuz ain’t nothing happening. [You’re] ice cold baby.”

He also dropped the news that he will be releasing a brand new music single from Street King Immortal next week. You can check the videos out by clicking the links below!

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