50 Cent Threatens Meek Mill: “You Don’t Want No Parts Of Me. Be The Same When I See You”


Prince Vega – The beef between 50 cent and Meek Mill is becoming a violent one after Meek Mill sided with Irv Gotti, a known rival that is affiliated with the man who 50 cent shot nine times back in the year 2000. The rapper didn’t take too kindly to Meek Mill siding with Irv Gotti during their feud and decided to threaten the rapper hinting a physical altercation when they see each other.


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The beef between the two intensified after Meek Mill released a song called Gave Em Hope targeting the G-Unit general, calling him a rat for co-signing the man who Rick Ross allegedly had kidnapped and pistol whipped. The Philly rapper tagged Irv Gotti in a post asking for confirmation that 50 cent ratted during their feud in the early 2000’s where rumors circulated that 50 cent went to a precinct and got an order of protection against Irv Gotti, Black Child, and his brother Chris. The Instagram feud between the two has been intensifying ever since.


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