64% Of Readers Believe Tygeria Will Rank #1 On Internet Hollywood’s ‘Top Model’ Charts

tygeria 8thProjectXPlatinum model Tygeria has become a name this house holds when it comes to a second floor private committee. She has managed to influence the entire Internet Hollywood system with her incredibly active modeling career. The powerful presence she has easily made her the cover girl of ProjectXPlatinum’s first magazine that’s due to be released near the ending of this month, thanks to dozens of delays. Tygeria’s last appearance on our international billboard chart was last July when she snagged the #8 spot from Internet Hollywood superstar Jessy Erinn. Tygeria is the third model to ever debut on the billboard charts weeks after becoming an Internet Hollywood celebrity. Since then her name has reached to incredible heights, pulling over 475 thousand fans on her Facebook fan page in the process. Tygeria’s incredible popularity came with multiple offers from Internet Hollywood representatives. It wasn’t too long ago the model was offered her own radio show on Internet Hollywood’s popular radio station. Now that the billboard battle is underway, she is winning the support from the first floor private committee. What’s the first floor committee?  The first floor committee is multiple people privately selected to give their predictions before the second floor committee votes. After the private thirteen member second floor committee votes on who they feel deserves to be on the billboard charts after reviewing their work within a three month time period. Tygeria is no stranger to any Internet Hollywood celebrity. She has repeatedly dominated Internet Hollywood front page headlines throughout the third quarter of last year. She was also rewarded the front cover of ProjectXPlatinum’s first magazine after pulling over 1,017 votes! It’s not hard to tell why 63% of our first floor private committee believes Tygeria is going to be the next #1 Internet Hollywood celebrity!

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