78% Chance Model Sherry Will Receive A Internet Hollywood Magazine Feature In March

sherry new newPrince Vega – The possibilities for an upcoming magazine feature remains high for some models inside of Internet Hollywood. It turns out Sherry is one of the very few that is almost guaranteed a feature in our upcoming March issue that is now becoming the biggest topic trending in Internet Hollywood. A simple stroll through our website will show you the importance of our magazine issues and how every model should make it their goal to try to become apart of it.


Sherry has increased her presence in Internet Hollywood with endless amount of work that has contributed to her making headlines in Internet Hollywood 6 times since her debut in March 2015. Her competitive abilities came as a shock after the model was ranked the 10th biggest model in Internet Hollywood in April 2015. She’s is one of the very few models that was ranked in the top 10 with very few headlining stories alongside of Carrie Madeline and Lonnie Alex.


It is easy to assume that Sherry is going to be a leading figure in the top model chart battle, but the competition remains stiff as more hungry models enter our universe with only one thing in mind ~ success. Sherry has demonstrated that time and time again over the past years, and she has earned a tremendous amount of respect and attention along the way. You can look to hear her name being mentioned on Internet Hollywood Radio on February 9th.


You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio on February 9th at 9pm (est.) by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page! The amazing photography work in Sherry’s photo is done by Ruben Lyteheart.

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