A New Web Series Is Here: Check out the first episode to ‘Bishop And The Juice Crew’ web series!

Mayhem MusiKk – Since I have been back examining the talented acts in the tri-state area I have noticed so many different fields being explored by music artists coming from Connecticut and I’m happy I have my very own platform to share their work on. Seeing a bunch of artists come together with visionary filmmakers to produce a series that shows them in another light, besides music, is always something I find worth checking out.


Another film project that I recently came across is something that’s called ‘Bishop And The Juice Crew’ created by Ching America Films & Force King Films. I recently came across the series across my social media page and I plan on watching the first episode “Pilot” over the weekend to give a full break down story on what I think in another article I plan on writing the following week. So speaking as a new viewer, I can’t give you the ins and outs to the plot of the story until then.


The webseries was published on the YouTube channel ‘Ching America’ on August 4th and it has already passed over 8,000 already. The first episode features Big Baby, Ching America, Mel Delgado, Justin Rodriguez, Destine Elders, Lexx Lion, Youngin, Big Bruh, Black Widow, Tigon Hamilton, Cashmere Gold, Mariah Preston, Shayla Arlene, Soncharay Correa, Young Turn Up, Ru Ru Banks, Delly Gouldbourne, Dat Kidd Krillz and more. You could check the first episode on the webseries below!



Bishop And The Juice Crew: Instagram


Big Baby  plays  “Bishop”

Ching America  plays  “Haitian Juice”

Mel Delgado  plays  “Det. Delgado”

Justin Rodriguez  plays  “Special Agent Lopez”

Destine Elders  plays  “Funny Black”

Lexx Lion  plays  “Lexx”

Youngn plays Crewshawn

Big Bruh  plays  “Lonzo”

Black Widow plays “Suga”

Tigon Hamilton plays “CT Terror”

Cashmere Gold plays “Cashmere”

Mariah Preston plays “La La”

Shayla Arlene plays “Jade”

Soncharay Correa plays “Barbie”

Young Turn Up plays “Lil Homi”

Ru Ru Banks plays “Earth”

Delly Gouldbourne plays “Deacon”

Dat Kidd Krillz plays “World”

and many more….


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