Abella Marie reviews IH Vega’s new song ‘Born Again’: “I feel we could use more of that in today’s day and age.”

Feedback – Internet Hollywood Vega has finally released his first single to his new mixtape ‘Internet Hollywood Radio Part. 1’ that is set to be released in November and many published names in Internet Hollywood have already been weighing in on the new single. Independent models Hayley Grant, Mia Dolly, Hayley Grant, Lucy Starlight and many more have expressed their thoughts after listening to the song and now independent Massachusetts model Abella Marie has come out to share her thoughts as well:


“I liked the dichotomy of the lyrical chorus and rap verses. I enjoyed how this was like telling a story and not the same word or noise said over and over again. I liked how this song wasn’t over repetitious. I liked the beat and instrumental background. I thoroughly enjoyed how the lyrics did not contain a ton of swares. In this way, the song can be considered a family song – appropriate for all ages. I can definitely stand behind someone who is a little old school and remains true to themselves. I feel we could use more of that in today’s day and age. This is what I call respectable talent. :-)”


Abella Marie also attended the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show that occurred in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st. There were beautiful photos taken of her by Monster Jazz Photography that could be seen in the last story written about her. You could check that out by putting her name in our search engine.


Internet Hollywood Vega is also planning on doing a music video for a couple of the songs on the mixtape as well. You could check out the song by clicking the video link below. This beautiful picture of Abella taken below was taken by Qian Hegarty Photography.




Abella Marie: Instagram

Photographer: Qian Hegarty Photography

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