Actor J. Kristopher Reflects On Meeting Robin Williams On The Set Of ‘The Crazy Ones’


J. Kristopher could be placed amongst the growing best when stretching our list to name actors that will soon reach super stardom. He continues to expand his base with faith while providing an amazing attitude that paints the picture that represents him as a great person. The small world will only grow in Jay’s hand and no one can stop where he reaches next. He continues to stretch into the minds of his following by updating them on special announcements, funny videos, statuses and even past photos of celebrities he has met. Today we learned a different story from Jay after the actor showed his condolences by sharing a story of meeting Actor Robin Williams a year before he died.

Facebook status:

“So I come to set and Robin sticks out his hand and says “How are you doing J?” **puzzled look** “I saw the callsheet.” I smiled, “Nice to meet you too Robin. I’m a fan.” The scene happens. 3rd take. I’m sweating from all of this firefighter gear. I’ve got this sweat rag that I’ve been wiping down with. I accidentally drop it. He bends down and picks it up. I was like, “Robin you didn’t have to do that?” Later on I wanted a picture with him but didn’t know how to ask. I said, “Nice to meet you Robin.” He said, “You too J!! Picture time!!!!” He got one of the crew members to take the shot. That was my interaction with him. ………….He was just too cool…. humble, talented. I’m shocked but I’m glad I got to meet the man behind the mask. Rest in Peace bro.”

Make no mistake J. Kristopher is not any ordinary fan. The actor has been opening passage ways through the entertainment business while being involved with it for years now. Many people ‘without thought’ would shake off the idea of Jay being a star but his progress proves that he’s becoming more than just that. He has the perfect mind and attitude to gain the hearts of people from all over the world within minutes. Jay has already been involved with numerous drama and comedy reels, and in multiple commercials that includes Nickelodeon, Rent Busters, MasterCard, and GMC. We appreciate somebody as amazing as J. Kristopher taking the time out to share his story with us about Robin Williams. The actor was recently pronounced dead after an apparent suicide due to asphyxia. The legendary actor was 63 years old.


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