Actress Ileana Carranza destroyed the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show, now the IH Magazine in July is next!

IH News / Magazine – One independent actress overcame a very overwhelming step to make it to this next stop and when that train comes she will be riding it to another achievement that will bring her closer to an Internet Hollywood award. Many are unaware Ileana Carranza first fashion show was when she walked for NROR Art at the Internet Hollywood Fashion. NROR Art’s founder Samantha Gottlich, who is a fashion designer from the state of Massachusetts, selected Ileana to walk for her brand in July 2018. Although Ileana was excited, she confessed to being nervous and even drove 2 hours to attend the event and the rest was history. When I saw her she was already styled up with something Samantha’s beautifully styled clothing and she seemed very comfortable and happy. Little did I know, she was far more ready than I thought. After receiving some excellent coaching by Samantha Gottlich who told her lineup about the routine about 20 minutes before the show she executed it fearlessly and pulled off one of the coolest routines with the rest of the incredible models with her and Samantha Gottlich. In the next magazine issue, we will try to live the life in Ileana’s shoes and learn about her strength and courage that pushed her to that wonderful moment that will always be remembered at Internet Hollywood’s very first fashion show! The magazine release month has been pushed to late July! The exact date in the month will be known to everyone soon!



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated





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