Actress Natascha Hopkins To Play Laura Matsuda In Machinima’s ‘Street Fighter: Resurrection’

Natascha 2Prince Vega –  One of the most talented actresses in Internet Hollywood will be getting a piece of the action in ‘Street Fighter: Resurrection’ on March 15th! Actress & Stunt Woman Natascha Hopkins is set to star as Laura Matsuda in the new mini series that centers around the return of Charlie Nash who’s targeting legendary Street Fighter champions. Get your peep at the Synopsis below:

In Resurrection, heroes Ken and Ryu are reunited to face an ominous new threat. Charlie Nash is back, and targeting legendary Street Fighter champions in a mysterious mission. After a violent confrontation with Nash, Ryu and Ken must uncover his lethal plan and find out if he is friend or foe. As events speed toward a showdown in London with the resurgent Shadaloo cartel, covert forces battle for global supremacy with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Opening our ears to this news is even more exciting to Street Fighter fans after learning about Laura’s appearance in the series. If you do your research on Natascha Hopkins you’ll easily see why she would fit perfectly as the energetic thrill seeker. Hopkins is a stunt woman that has a huge record to back up her thrill experiences in dozens of box office hit films such as Mall Cop, Divergent, Mad Max: Fury Road, Scandal, True Blood, Straight Outta Compton, and  more!


nataschaJust naming a few movies gives you an idea of just how successful she in the entertainment business as a stunt woman and actress. Her job as a stunt woman is very serious and can be very dangerous which is why it requires a skilled professional at ALL TIMES. With that in mind, we have to give Natascha the respect and credit she deserves for putting her life on the line to help create some of the most breathtaking scenes for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


She’s beautiful, intelligent, talented, sweet, and beyond electrifying. She also originated her own clothing line Capo-Nata Apparel which includes the “Lean Body Sports Bra” that possesses a unique creative design that incorporates a supportive sports bra with a built in waist trimmer. You can see the actress performing stunt duties with the sports bra in the video below:

You can find out more about Natascha’s amazing clothing line by clicking here: Capo-Nata Apparel You can also check out the new Street Fighter: Resurrection – Second Trailer by clicking the video below:

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