Actress & Singer Hope Bohannon discuss becoming an actress, singing, her first gig, her favorite roles to play, upcoming film projects, her goals and more!

Beyond The Lens – So many stories have been coming out on our website about up and coming talent and the inner details surrounding everything they been working on since the beginning of the year. My journey has brought me to dozens of new names throughout all of New England. Another one of those upcoming talented people is an independent actress from the state of Massachusetts named Hope Bohannon.


I got in touch with Bohannon over FB messenger to chat a little about her career goals as an inspiring actress and singer. She kindly took the time out of her day to explain what’s going on with her and gave me enough scoops to put together a good interview. I hope you enjoy reading!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Hope Bohannon*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Good morning Hope! Thank you for taking the time to discuss your career plans and goals with me. I have written a few questions for you to answer and I made it an effort to send them to you as soon as I could. Before we start could you give us a brief history of who you are, where you from, and what inspired you to want to become an actress and a singer?


Hope: Hello, My name is Hope Bohannon. I was raised in a small little town called Clinton, Ma. I began singing at a young age of 4, belting out songs from Annie, Marry Poopins, & the Sound of Music. One day my mother asked me to turn off the record player. It was off! She then realized I had a set of pipes! I sang in school plays, church choir, state competition’s as well as playing the flute and piccolo for 15 + years.


Internet Hollywood: How hard was it for you to get your first gig in a movie and what do you feel helped you the most?


Hope:  Well, good question. When I was 18, I had my first son Christopher. I then put my acting and singing aside to raise him and his siblings in the future. When my children got older, I started up acting again. I auditioned for a part in a film in my small town. I thought to myself what’s the worst the can say? NO! So I gave it a shot and I got the part in the film! I’ve been non stop with many acting roles since. You can do anything you put your mind to & u need to believe in yourself as well!


Internet Hollywood: What kind of roles are you more comfortable with taking part in?


Hope: I’m always up for a challenge. So far I have been comfortable. In all the roles I’ve played. when I read scripts I become one with the character I’m going to portray so its a more natural feel to the audience watching.


Internet Hollywood: I saw that you are working on a couple film projects. Care to discuss what any of them are about?


Hope: I’ve been working on a bunch of films & TV series amongst other things. Currently finishing up 2 films. I play Shannon in a film called Deadlock.& I portray twins Ally & Sally in the Holy Maple Tree. I’m also playing a character in a true crime story called Freeze Framed TV show, filming this summer!


Internet Hollywood: When did your love for music start and are you currently working on anything now?


Hope: Since a young age I’ve had a passion for music. Its always played a huge part in my life. In the fall I hope to be working with some artists on some songs. It’s all so very exciting!!


Internet Hollywood: You are also a specialist that works with people with disabilities. I’m sure that job isn’t easy and is very educational to those that choose to under the lifestyles of those in need. When made you choose to work with people with disabilities and what is the biggest thing you learned from that experience?


Hope: I work with people with disabilities. It’s my passion, that teaches me patience. And just how wonderful people can be. My clients have hearts of gold and such determination and always try hard to reach everyday goals. They inspire me!


Internet Hollywood: What is your set goals for this year and how soon do you wish to accomplish them; and what happens if you don’t?


Hope: My goal is to finish the projects this summer/fall. I always go with the flow because things are always changing .you just got to be ready!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Hope!


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