Addventures Music Distribution Reportedly Looking Into Signing Rapper G.O.L.D From Connecticut

gold and irvPrince Vega – Rapper G.O.L.D has been in the public’s eye a lot in his home state and he recently dominated another performance in front of Chris Gotti and Addventures Music DistributionThe artist recently updated a new status on his Facebook page and filled the public in on some pretty exciting news that included a possible future management situation for him and Ru Williams.

“Ayo I got a hangover … Sipping on Big Bottles last night with ‪#‎GrizzRoc‬… Big Rose Moet and Henny … Lol .. On another note I wanna Thank Chris Gotti for this major opportunity.. I WON SECOND PLACE.. $2000 and prizes…shout out my boy Jordan Meyer and Leroy T Perry.. They say it was a tuff decision between me and Ru Williams Singer who took first place.. Salute to my boy Ru… Shout to Nadiyah Bolling taking third u did a great job… The  Addventures Music Distribution was talking about signing me and Ru… So we gone see what happens.. The turn up was so lit last night tho at the Russell after the show????????????????????????????… Shout out to everybody that came thru…‪#‎Goldworld‬ everything. ‪#‎UnifiedBlocks‬‪#‎Grizz‬

gold 2G.O.L.D also uploaded videos of the scenery and it looked like they all were having one hell of a team with Chris Gotti and his team. The huge amount of support followed with dozens of people all over commenting and spreading positive vibes by liking and sharing the status.


G.OL.D just recently released the trailer to his movie Karma with All Around Filmz. The artist is one of the top 5 lead headlining rappers in Connecticut when it comes to front page Internet Hollywood stories. He’s been very supportive to other artists and has expanded his hand along-side Mark Diggity and their team to help put together beneficial projects for the public.


You can check out the trailer to his new movie ‘Karma’ by clicking the embed video shown below!

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